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TRANQUIL SPS is a specialized provider of safety and project management service solutions and related expertise. Our goal is to provide high-quality First Aid, Health, Safety and Environmental management solutions; coupled with our project management strength through which; We deliver innovative, cost effective and technically sophisticated solutions for project design, analysis, implementation, supervision and maintenance. We parade globally certified and experience hands.

The diversity of workplace risks and requirements is constantly growing and changing. By proactively managing risk, you can better safeguard public health and worker safety, and establish systems to add business value through health & safety performance improvements. We listen closely to clients’ needs as we serve both public and private sector clients with our band of well-coordinated, continuously trained, highly professional teams.

TRANQUIL features a hardworking, highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff which enables us to provide exceptional service. We are committed to strong business ethics and staying in the vanguard position of the safety industry.

We are Tranquil SPS

Our Mission

To provide enhanced First Aid, Health & Safety solutions and manage projects for organizations to enable them drive the positive change and expansion they seek, through clear and excellent delivery processes.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in business integrations, consulting and project management, known for its philosophy of excellence and value delivery with distinct clarity.

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